Hi, I am a biostatistician working in Nashville now. I have studied four years statistics at Shandong University, Weihai in China. Weihai is a very nice city. It was my happiest time and I met many friends there. Then I furthered my education to biostatistics in North Carolina, US. I still met many kind friends there and they helped me a lot, but I have experienced many unhappy things in that city so I left that city as soon as I graduated and live in a nice music city Nashville now. I enjoy programming, statistical analyzing and learning new knowledges. I am not a typical biostatistitician that my interest is not traditional biostatistics and I do not like the regulated work. I am dedicated to the field of translational bioinformatics and data science in precision medicine now. I am planning to pursue Ph.D. degree in the future. I hope to communicate with people of the same interest. And most importantly, I stand by Bayesian, I do not stand by Frequentist, I believe more about the prior and maximum posterior than the maximum likelihood estimation. Especially when you do not have big data, how much accuracy can Frequentist give us?

The reason I built up this blog is that I nearly began to study the knowledge of statistical genetics all by myself. Many people’s personal technology blog help me a lot and I really benefit from their descriptions in detail of a specific field. They do not charge for anything since knowledge is priceless. I found a very interesting thing that statistic itself is applied mathematics, which is theoretical. But when it combined with other fields like biology or medicine, the importance is actually interpreting the statistic, although much simpler but it is the meaning of statistics to the real world. I felt a little uncomfortable with this transition at first when I continued my master degree but later I think it is very important and I think this is the reason why so many personal blogs exist, to use simple language to interpret or solve a problem. I always believe the science will change the world, the person who create the first product will bring us a new world, no matter Steven Jobs, or Elon Musk. I especially like the sentence Elon Musk named the SpaceX’s second autonomous boat: “Of Course I still Love You”, everytime before making a choice, I ask myself: Is this my interest? Is the work I am doing meaningful? Will the things or the ideas we create help people in illness and help the development of the science or the society? I do not know where is my future and I am trying hard to find my interest and my career that I could insist on now. I think no matter whether other people will understand what you are doing, no mater whether the world will stand by you, just insist on what you like and enjoy what you are doing.