What can I do if I don't have administrative access on aws?

Here I will took a note of the problems I met because I don’t have administrative access on aws and the solution I found. (Updating…)

set up jupyter notebook on aws ec2

First generate ssh keypair between our own computer and server.
To find the IP address of EC2 instance

curl http://checkip.amazonaws.com

Then to add the public key on your computer to authorized_keys file under ~/.ssh folder. You may need permission or authorization to do this. Then you can use ssh client to connect to EC2 instance:

ssh -i key username@IP address

Install Anaconda to the EC2 instance. I don’t have sudo permission so that I installed it in my home directory. And then:

bash Anaconda_you_downloaded_Linux.sh
source .bashrc

Then open jupyter notebook server

jupyter notebook --no-browser --port=8888